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Gem Expressions

Gemstones are not only an artistic expression of one’s fashion taste and love for flattering jewelry, but behind the gemstones’ crystalline structures, are their symbolic representations. A gemstone then, isn’t just another part of jewelery, but comes with it, a meaning that can either be supressed or expressed within the jewelry wearer. If you look at the list, you may be able to match which expression you wish to convey through gemstones:

Garnet: represents constancy; willpower and self-confidence. Said to contain the ability to strengthen one’s heart, control one’s heart rate and regulate blood pressure. Also able to give one career success, bring them luck and make them more passionate.

Amethyst: represents sincerity; protects against extremes of passion. Used for meditation, peace and to heal addictions.

Emerald: represents love & success. Said to have the power to cure backaches and heal one’s eyes. Brings about love and safety during childbirth and other milestones in the wearer’s life.

Pearl, Moonstone: represents health & longevity. Said to be able to heal women by controlling and harmonizing their hormones. Brings about psychic abilities and able to fulfill the wish of the wearer.

Ruby: represents contentment. Allows the wearer to have more vitality and appear more youthful. Makes one less fearful of the future. Said to bring about more love and wisdom in one’s life.

Sapphire: represents clear thinking. Said to have the ability to give whoever wears this stone, peace of mind/ inner peace.

Diamond: represents innocence. Makes the wearer more pure and virtuous. Has the ability to bring longevity to the wearer’s relationships and human connections.

Regardless of what the stones represent individually, the mood that can be brought about by receiving one or being praised for wearing one, is a representation of gemstones as a whole and creates within the jewelry wearer, it’s own range of emotional expressions.


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I work at HedgeStone International, where I have the pleasure of working directly with different gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. This blog is simply about everything and anything gemstone related. I want to share interesting knowledge, fascinating stories, and my experiences in the gemstone industry.

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  1. Leah ⋅

    I loved this – thank you so much for sharing!

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