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Top 8 Jewelry Holiday Trends for 2011

This holiday season, everyone seems to be caught up in what’s hot and trendy. Some want to know for holiday gift ideas, while others want to know, to keep themselves updated, fresh and in-style. Jewelry wise, trends are pretty consistent, with only a few straying from the trend into their own jewelry artistic expression. The following list, gives the overall consensus of what jewelry experts consider to be the latest jewelry trends for this 2011 holiday season:

1. mismatched jewelry– A sapphire ring, emerald patterned bracelets and diamond studded earrings, why not? Not a lot of matching this season, as many are daring to escape from the “gold earrings-gold necklace-gold bracelets” matched up pattern trend, into the bold world of mismatched jewelry.

2. big & popping jewelry– From chunky bracelets and bangles, to enlarged cocktail rings, the trend seems to be moving towards a flashy holiday season. Small and simple is out while big and flashy is in.

3. layered jewelry– One necklace and one bracelet, just does not make the cut this holiday season. What seems to be a growing trend, are multiple necklace chains stacked on top of each other and wearing several bracelets and bangles in different combinations.

4. diamond & gemstone brooches– Mostly because this cold winter season has gotten everyone wearing plain sweater cardigans, these brooches need to be colourful and big to make up for the plain outfit. This season diamonds and gemstones (especially sapphire) brooches are selling fast.

5. vintage jewelry– In conjunction with the vintage clothing fashion trend that seems ro be reappearing, vintage jewelry has also reappeared to compliment these outfits.

6. blue jewelry– Sapphires in particular, whether as a ring, as a necklace, or placed into studs, are hot this season. Blue seems to be a complimentary colour to this winter season’s snow and holiday-coloured festivities.

7. teardrop cut jewelry– Teardrop cut jewelry that hangs and dangles like Christamas ornaments, are what’s in this winter. This trend is a way to get into the Christmas spirit while still maintaing a high-sense of fashion.

8. textured jewelry– Nobody wants plain pieces this season. 2011 Holiday Season, is all about the designs and textures of the jewelry and making sure that they pop out in any holiday attire you choose to wear.

Keeping this holiday a bold, retro and colourful season, can be done with the right jewelry trends and the matching clothing outfits to accompany them!


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  2. How about a guest blog on our site, with three different jewelry combinations for our Bali extravaganza? Looking forward to your answer.

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