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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus…

Years before, men only used jewelry as a way to show off their financial status rather than using it as an expression of fashion. Now more and more men are breaking away from the common belief that excessive jewelry-wearing or attention to detailed, artsy jewelry, is for women only. Men are landing on Venus…at least in the jewelry world. Men are paying more attention to the details in the jewelry they buy and wear, and are allowing themselves to go bolder with their jewelry. What jewelry are men wearing these days? The six pieces of jewelry that men most often wear are: watches, earrings, rings, cufflinks, necklaces and bracelets.

Watches– Obviously, this piece of jewelry is the most important for men. Just the same way that diamonds’ are a girl’s best friend, watches happen to be best friends for all guys. Watches for guys are much different than for girls. A general rule is the bigger the face of the watch, the manlier the watch looks. The strap of a watch should be thick. With men, watches are usually the flashiest part of the jewelry they wear, so the higher the designer of the watch, the better the watch looks. Swiss, Rolex and Swatch are some of the common watch types that are worn by men.

Earrings– This type of jewelry is kept simple for obvious reasons with most men wearing a diamond stud or just a small hooped earring that wraps around the lobe. Recently, men have begun piercing both of their ears, rather than just one, or piercing one ear with two holes. Perhaps a future trend will be flashier earrings for guys.

Bracelets– What’s been a common type of bracelet in most recent years, are ID bracelets, where the flat part of the bracelet usually contains an engraving. But that’s not the only type of bracelet that men are limited to. Men are wearing plaited leather bands now, giving them an edgier fashion look, and are also wearing the rope patterned bracelets, containing either beads or stones. Most popular type of stones to wear are Rubies (considered the king of stones), Emeralds, Sapphires, Quartz and Amber. The bracelets can also be crystal studded with different layers of bracelets; some can be thicker width than the others.

Necklaces– More and more men are still breaking into this type of jewelry, as they stray away from the more common single-gold or single-silver chains, into fashion necklaces which can be of different materials like rope and can contain masculine-themed pendants. These chains are often kept longer than womens’ necklaces and are often just rough, simple-shaped and simple-patterned chains.

Rings– Often rings are being worn on multiple fingers for guys and are usually heavy looking, with a large circle diameter and the lining on the band being designed innovatively. Usually they wear one stone on the ring, often choosing masculine colours like Red, Green and Blue. Gold and silver are not the only types of metal used in rings now, but commonly men like the titanium and stainless steel rings mixed with one visible diamond/gemstone, or several diamonds/gemstones distributed along the ring.

Cufflinks– Within Hollywood stars, cufflinks are becoming more flashy than watches are as a jewelry accessory. Cufflinks that are popular are fashioned from white gold, diamond and Onyx, sometimes with sapphires too. These are becoming the staple fashion jewelry from men, usually containing the most design and detail and mixing of different metals and gemstones.

Men don’t just have to be simple and single with their jewelry anymore. Multiple jewelry styles and detailing on their jewelry, is becoming very popular. Maybe one day, men and women’s jewelry won’t be so different after all and men and women won’t have to be kept on separate planets.


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