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What kind of gemstone are you?

Take the quiz and find out what gemstone your personality best reflects.

In your social circle, you’re the
1) level-headed one
2) life of the party
3) happy-go-lucky one
4) adventurous one
5) peace-keeper
6) most likeable
7) the advice-giver

When you make a decision, you
1) trust your instincts
2) take a chance on an impulsive choice
3) think logically
4) look at what’ll benefit you in the future
5) choose what you think will balance out your life
6) think of what others would do
7) choose what’ll bring about stability

In life, an activity you’d enjoy would most likely be
1) meditation exercises/ yoga or pilates
2) sky- diving
3) art classes
4) debates
5) writing and/or reading
6) joining any contests or sports
7) organizing fundraisers

The kind of music you listen to is mostly
1) classical music
2) rock music
3) pop music
4) rap or hip/hop music
5) country music
6) gospel music
7) r&b music

A place you’ve always wanted to travel to is (Choose the closest answer)…
1) Hawaii
2) Mexico
3) France
4) Africa
5) Jamaica
6) Hong Kong
7) Greece

Mostly (1):

You are an aquamarine! Known for being the calm and collected stone, those who are considered to reflect the personality of this stone are intuitive and serene. They have a relaxed personality that brings about inspiration to others.

Mostly (2):

You are a ruby! Known to be a little hot-tempered and constantly fighting for what you want. You’re also full of energy and spontaneity with a daring nature. There is a driving force inside of you that makes you want to experience all the exhilirating possibiliies life can bring.

Mostly (3):

You are an amber! As the shining stone, you are generally a very positive person and you like to keep yourself in an upbeat mood. You have a creative side to you, while also maintaining a sense of reason and ration.

Mostly (4):

You are a sapphire. Not easily fooled by anyone that comes your way, you also have a sense of confidence unlike any other. You’re not overly confident, but enough confidence to keep you optimistic about life. You put on a brave face for any situation that comes your way and because of this, are usually quite successful.

Mostly (5):

You are an emerald! The most balanced of them all, you rely on your inner feelings and you hide really well traits and thoughts that no one knows you possess. You can be seductive, free and often peaceful. You give enough mystery to attract attention.

Mostly (6):

You are an amethyst! Known to be the sweetest and wisest one, you have a forgiving heart and are basically loved by all. You have an impressive lifestyle, while remaining noble. There is also an inner spirtuality within you that cannot be easily-explained.

Mostly (7):

You are topaz! The most down-to-earth of all the stones, you keep yourself sensible and reliable. You like stability and are very considerate towards others. You remain a constant companion to many, often putting others before yourself.


About written1nstone

I work at HedgeStone International, where I have the pleasure of working directly with different gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. This blog is simply about everything and anything gemstone related. I want to share interesting knowledge, fascinating stories, and my experiences in the gemstone industry.

2 responses to “What kind of gemstone are you?

  1. I’m an Aquamarine ! Love this 🙂

  2. Lindsay ⋅

    Ooo, I’m an amber. This was one of the first quizzes I’ve taken where I really was all one category (3’s) instead of all over the map!

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