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Jewelry Stocking Stuffer Ideas




It’s that time of year again! Reindeer, Santa Claus, egg nog, and of course, red stockings hanging by the fireplace. But those wool stockings, can’t be left empty. Something must be put inside of them. What’s small enough to go inside, but doesn’t take away from the joy of a stocking stuffer? Jewelry, of course!

If you want to do something simple and traditional, pendant necklackes are the way to go. From leaf pendant necklaces, to crosses, horeshoes, clovers, and even snowflakes, these types of necklaces, are the perfect stocking stuffers for girls or women at any age.

However, theme seems to be a strong part of the Christmas season, so if you want to go with a coloured-jewelry theme for your stocking stuffers, keep in mind that the colours best representing Christmas are green, blue, red and white.

If you want to go for a green theme:

Here we have a Gold Diamond and Emerald Bracelet. The shape and the wave-like chain, adds to the simplicity of the bracelet, making it just the right amount of beauty for the holiday season!



A Perfect pendant necklace! We can see this pear emerald shaped dangling pendant with diamonds where the emerald colour is such an extravagant colour placed against the white gold. A piece that all ladies can enjoy.


Heart pendants never seem to go out of style. The round cut emeralds on the Heart Pendant in yellow gold, adds just enough flashiness to this heart pendant, to make it one of a kind.



For the purposes of sticking to the holiday festive theme, this emerald and diamond paved eternity band is beautiful with the x-shaped emeralds going all around it. Definitely looks like Christmas mistletoe from far away.


If you want to go for a blue theme:

This diamond and sapphire heart necklace, is a perfect combination of little blue sapphire stones and diamonds. Sure to be a popular gift!



Definitely an eye-popping gift! The blue sapphires on this baguette shaped bracelet mixed with diamonds, is a classic, elegant look for all women!


These blue tear-drop shaped earrings on a snowflake-shaped diamond, is a simple, yet gorgeous gift. With most simple outfits in monochrome colours, these earrings can add all the elegance the outfit needs!



If you are going for a red theme:

THis diamond and ruby bracelet has a beautiful yellow gold chain that is put together in shapes that are simply stunning!



Ruby Drop earrings, are shaped together like grapes, and are a perfect match to any outfit: casual or formal!



A simple pendant to go along any other gold chain. The trillion cut ruby in the mddle, and the diamons placed perfectly around, is a great present to give away!





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  1. I SOOOOOO love the Green!

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