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What’s better? Fine or Fashion?

What is the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry? Nowadays, fashion jewelry seems to be more popular than fine jewelry because of it’s affordability and the fact that this kind of jewelry is the one you’re okay with wearing everyday, because it didn’t cost you a fortune to buy. Let’s take a look at the reasons why fine jewelry, regardless of the high popularity or the majority of people wearing fashion jewelry, will always be better.

Fine jewelry contains precious metal or precious stones. Fashion jewelry usually contains semi-precious stones or other types of material that are of low-quality. Therefore the number 1 reason why fine jewelry is better, is it’s HIGH QUALITY. Next, fine jewelry is an investment. Years to come, this jewelry can be sold, especially if this piece of fine jewelry has been worn by a celebrity or by royalty! Fashion jewelry, with it’s charming appeal, will wear-out and won’t even last long enough to be an investment. Fine jewelry also stands the test of time. Because the jewelry is real and of higher quality, you can be sure that this jewelry will last and stay durable throughout a lifetime. This is the type of jewelry that grandmothers pass down to their grandchildren. Fine jewelry is also more attractive, because of the fact that real stones or metals were used to make it. Fine jewelry also pays a lot more attention to the detailing in the jewelry piece. Fashion jewelry may look more complicated, but in actuality, the detailing is very simple in fashion jewelry. Lastly, although fine jewelry is more expensive (not budget-friendly like fashion jewelry), fine jewelry is the type of jewelry that doesn’t follow a trend. Fashion jewelry relies on the trends that are hot right now. Fine jewelry, regardless of time, will always have a classical elegance and sophistication that in and of itself, makes it priceless.




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I work at HedgeStone International, where I have the pleasure of working directly with different gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. This blog is simply about everything and anything gemstone related. I want to share interesting knowledge, fascinating stories, and my experiences in the gemstone industry.

7 responses to “What’s better? Fine or Fashion?

  1. Definitely agree with you there 🙂 Fashion jewellery is definitely more affordable but fine jewellery could last year for many many years to come 🙂

  2. Elle ⋅

    I can’t help it, I still go for fashion jewelry and don’t put much of a wait or emphasis on fine jewelry. One day though when I am rich and carefree haha. Thanks for pointing out the differences. We women are impulsive shoppers, especially for anything that glitters!

  3. aliceoowonderland ⋅

    Awesome ring, love it, the earrings as well, a delight to the eyes.

  4. When it comes to fine jewelery, it really is you get what you pay for, and quality over quantity is really the standard here… Although fashion jewelery is major fun and can be easily attained… Atleast owning 1 or 2 fine jewelery in your accessory box is a definite classic for anyone of any age! 🙂

  5. Erin H

    I love the bow ring and sapphire earrings! Gorgeous!

  6. clairewof

    Well, I think it depends on what who prefers, I like fine jewelry and yeah quality is better than quantity, but fine jewelry doesn´t meen it´s lower quality – you´v got to know, where to buy good ones – said someone, who makes them.

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