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New Year’s Eve Looks

The old year is passing, as a new one strolls along. The fashion tastes of 2011 are nearing it’s end. The trends of big bold and dazzling, are coming out and alive on the eve of new year’s. Best time to wear the most dazzling dresses, shoes and jewelry you can find; jewelry from emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, rubies and any other precious gemstones are attention-getters and a must-wear for all new year’s eve outfits! If there’s a night to bring this jewelry out, it’s on the 31st of December.

With the blue thin-strapped dress, a gorgeous match, would be a simple sapphire bracelet and sapphire dangly earrings. For the black dress, either sapphire or emerald jewelry would look fabulous. The green dress paired with single studded emerald earrings and a simple emerald bracelet will do just the trick.

An obvious match to this heart-shaped tube dress, would be an exquisite short white gold diamond chained necklace with a big sapphire jewel right in the middle of it. Not only will that bring out that dress even more, but the outfit will be even more eye-catching!

If you’re going for the one shoulder look, with a long sleeve, that dress will dazzle on it’s own, but a good jewelry match would be sapphire studded jewels all around a bracelet and adding multiple bracelets to the arm. Or for a less bold look, just sapphire studded earrings will add enough elegance to the already bold dress.

(Check out New York for more New Year’s Eve dress looks)


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