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Gemstones as Birthstones: the History behind the Mystery


Nowadays, for every birth month of the year, there is a corresponding gemstone to accompany it. How this came to be or happened, has never been fully known, but there have been myths and biblical stories which have been used to try and piece the gemstone mystery together.

It has been said that the first people to ever use gemstones and actually introduced it into the world, was Aaron from the Bible. For reference, check the following bible verses- Exodus 28: 17-20 & Revelation 21: 19-20. In these verses, his religious breastplate, covered in precious gemstones, was said to be linked to the twelve Israeli tribes in ancient times.

From mythical stories, Tibetan culture used gemstones where these stories have been rooted to thousands and thousands of years ago. Some even claim that around 1500 BC, it was Indian culture (gemstones seemed to have an agreed-upon fact that they originated from the East), who found out that these gemstones were actually healers of the sick.

George Frederick Kunz, who wrote the Curious Lore of Precious Stones, wrote about Poland in the 15th century- 1700 (where stones first achieved status and popularity), and the belief that these gemstones had numerous abilities: to being good health and luck, and to get rid of any possible misfortune.

Finally, in 1912, the Jewelers of America, organized a standard list of gemstones and their associated birthmonths. To wear your own birthstone in today’s culture, is to wear the beauty of your own birth month. The historical belief still remains though, that these birthstones can guard oneself against bad luck and to make oneself more likely to gain power, wealth and luxury. The American standard identification of birth months with gemstones is the one used by the majority in today’s culture.

How valuable is a gemstone?

When looking through your jewelry box, and deciding whether a particular piece of gemstone jewelry is actually worth much, or whether you are shopping for holiday jewelry, and wanting to make sure you don’t get ripped off, it’s important to understand where the value of a gemstone comes from, and how it’s actual worth is determined. It has been said by expert investors, that recently, diamonds and other precious stones, are more stabilized investments than real estate. This craze of jumping into the jewelry market to stabilize the economy, is catching a lot of attention from investors. Therefore, it is important to figure out what to look for when buying gemstones (even if it’s not for investment purposes).

There are five main factors determining the value in a gemstone: the beauty of the gemstone (determined by the 4C’s: colour, clarity, carat, cut), the lasting power of the gemstone, the scarcity of the gemstone, the demand or interest raised from the gemstone, and the use of the gemstone in culture and society.

How much beauty does the gemstone resonate?
Generally speaking, when we look at beauty, we look at the quality of the gemstone. In terms of colour, when the gemstone is brighter & more vivid, it is usually more valuable. You want to avoid any gemstone that may be too dark or too light, even colour that is distorted. A clear colour that is intense and bright will be of good value. When it comes to clarity, as long as there are no visible flaws, and it is clear and transparent, this is usually a sufficient judgment of it’s good value. Carats are determined by weight, not size for gemstones, and differs greatly in the varities of gemstones, but the stones that have a higher carat, combined with rarity, will be much more expensive. Finally the cut, which is used to add value to the beauty of the stone. Certain cuts create a reflection in the light that is more appealing. Popular cuts are: brilliant cut, heart cut, marquise cut, round cut, and so forth.

When looking at the lasting power of precious gemstones, most gemstones have a longer withstanding ability than other metals and lesser precious stones. The longer the staying power of the gemstone, when handled with care and proper cleanliness, the higher the value of the gemstone.

The scarcity and the demand for the gemstone go hand in hand. The demand has to be high enough (or the gemstone has to generate enough interest) in consumers and this has to be mixed with very rare precious stones, for the value of the gemstone to skyrocket through the roof. If the quality of these rare precious stones is also of the finest, then the value is even more.

The final point to look at when seeing the value of the gemstone, is the “name” this gemstone has made for itself throughout history and in culture. From the sapphire wedding ring worn by Kate Williams at the Royal Wedding, to the use of certain precious stones in churches, the name that these precious stones make for themselves, also adds into their final value. If the precious stone has established some sort of achievement (being used by churches or as a symbol to represent a certain event), then that adds to the final calculation of the precious gemstone’s value.

What kind of gemstone are you?

Take the quiz and find out what gemstone your personality best reflects.

In your social circle, you’re the
1) level-headed one
2) life of the party
3) happy-go-lucky one
4) adventurous one
5) peace-keeper
6) most likeable
7) the advice-giver

When you make a decision, you
1) trust your instincts
2) take a chance on an impulsive choice
3) think logically
4) look at what’ll benefit you in the future
5) choose what you think will balance out your life
6) think of what others would do
7) choose what’ll bring about stability

In life, an activity you’d enjoy would most likely be
1) meditation exercises/ yoga or pilates
2) sky- diving
3) art classes
4) debates
5) writing and/or reading
6) joining any contests or sports
7) organizing fundraisers

The kind of music you listen to is mostly
1) classical music
2) rock music
3) pop music
4) rap or hip/hop music
5) country music
6) gospel music
7) r&b music

A place you’ve always wanted to travel to is (Choose the closest answer)…
1) Hawaii
2) Mexico
3) France
4) Africa
5) Jamaica
6) Hong Kong
7) Greece

Mostly (1):

You are an aquamarine! Known for being the calm and collected stone, those who are considered to reflect the personality of this stone are intuitive and serene. They have a relaxed personality that brings about inspiration to others.

Mostly (2):

You are a ruby! Known to be a little hot-tempered and constantly fighting for what you want. You’re also full of energy and spontaneity with a daring nature. There is a driving force inside of you that makes you want to experience all the exhilirating possibiliies life can bring.

Mostly (3):

You are an amber! As the shining stone, you are generally a very positive person and you like to keep yourself in an upbeat mood. You have a creative side to you, while also maintaining a sense of reason and ration.

Mostly (4):

You are a sapphire. Not easily fooled by anyone that comes your way, you also have a sense of confidence unlike any other. You’re not overly confident, but enough confidence to keep you optimistic about life. You put on a brave face for any situation that comes your way and because of this, are usually quite successful.

Mostly (5):

You are an emerald! The most balanced of them all, you rely on your inner feelings and you hide really well traits and thoughts that no one knows you possess. You can be seductive, free and often peaceful. You give enough mystery to attract attention.

Mostly (6):

You are an amethyst! Known to be the sweetest and wisest one, you have a forgiving heart and are basically loved by all. You have an impressive lifestyle, while remaining noble. There is also an inner spirtuality within you that cannot be easily-explained.

Mostly (7):

You are topaz! The most down-to-earth of all the stones, you keep yourself sensible and reliable. You like stability and are very considerate towards others. You remain a constant companion to many, often putting others before yourself.

Gem Expressions

Gemstones are not only an artistic expression of one’s fashion taste and love for flattering jewelry, but behind the gemstones’ crystalline structures, are their symbolic representations. A gemstone then, isn’t just another part of jewelery, but comes with it, a meaning that can either be supressed or expressed within the jewelry wearer. If you look at the list, you may be able to match which expression you wish to convey through gemstones:

Garnet: represents constancy; willpower and self-confidence. Said to contain the ability to strengthen one’s heart, control one’s heart rate and regulate blood pressure. Also able to give one career success, bring them luck and make them more passionate.

Amethyst: represents sincerity; protects against extremes of passion. Used for meditation, peace and to heal addictions.

Emerald: represents love & success. Said to have the power to cure backaches and heal one’s eyes. Brings about love and safety during childbirth and other milestones in the wearer’s life.

Pearl, Moonstone: represents health & longevity. Said to be able to heal women by controlling and harmonizing their hormones. Brings about psychic abilities and able to fulfill the wish of the wearer.

Ruby: represents contentment. Allows the wearer to have more vitality and appear more youthful. Makes one less fearful of the future. Said to bring about more love and wisdom in one’s life.

Sapphire: represents clear thinking. Said to have the ability to give whoever wears this stone, peace of mind/ inner peace.

Diamond: represents innocence. Makes the wearer more pure and virtuous. Has the ability to bring longevity to the wearer’s relationships and human connections.

Regardless of what the stones represent individually, the mood that can be brought about by receiving one or being praised for wearing one, is a representation of gemstones as a whole and creates within the jewelry wearer, it’s own range of emotional expressions.